Index of H Surnames

Hackmann, Georg    
Hanekamp, Anni    
Hanekamp, Gesina    
Hanekamp, Heinrich    
Hanekamp, Johann    
Hanekamp, Johann    
Hanekamp, Kathe    
Hanekamp, Maria    
Hanekamp, Maria 4 Sep 1925  
Hanekamp, Willhelm    
Haneken, Wilhelm    
Hanneken, Annelies    
Hanneken, Anni    
Hanneken, Christina    
Hanneken, Hans    
Hanneken, Maria    
Hanneken, Willi    
Haskamp, Alfons 18 Apr 1924  
Haskamp, Margaretha    
Hirsch, Herbert 24 Oct 1922  
Horstmann, Adelheid 4 Jan 1937  
Husmann, Christina    

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