Players Collect Game Pieces

After the races are selected the players need to collect their Control Markers, Trade Cards and Command Counters. They also need to find the Planet Cards associated with the planets in their Home System.

Steve's race is Sardakk N'orr. The race specific pieces look like this:


Steve's Home System has 2 planets, so he finds the Planet Cards he needs and also places them in his player area. The cards are placed face-up, with the planet showing.

Melissa's race is The Yssaril Tribes. Race specific pieces look like this:


Melissa's Home System also has 2 planets. She finds the appropriate Planet Cards in the Planet Deck and places them face-up in her player area.

And finally, Nicholas chose The L1Z1X Mindnet race. Specific pieces are as follows:


Nicholas has only 1 planet in his Home System.

At the beginning of the game players place their Trade Agreement cards in their own player area face down. The colored side of the card with the words "Trade Contract" should be face-up.

After the race specific details are distributed amongst the players, they should also receive all the plastic pieces in their selected color. Color assignments were already described in this tutorial.

NOTE: The color of the player pieces is unrelated to the selected player race.

In addition to plastic pieces in the player's favorite color, each player should also receive a Technology Deck of cards that match the plastic pieces color. All Technology Decks are the same, there's one set in each of the 6 player colors.

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