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Create Public and Secret Objectives

There are 3 kinds of Objective Cards in Twilight Imperium-3: Public Objectives (Stage-1 and Stage-2) and Secret Objectives.

To prepare the objectives, you first make three stacks of cards, 1 stack for each type. Suffle the 10 Secret Objective Cards and hand 1 random card, face down, to each player. Put the remaining Secret Objective Cards back into the box. Secret Objective Cards should not be revealed until they become accomplished by the players.

Next, find the "Game Over" card in the Public Objectives Stage-2 deck. For the moment, set it aside.

Shuffle the 9 remaining Stage-2 cards and then draw 3 random cards, face down.

Flip the "Game Over" card face-down and add it to the stack of 3 Stage-2 cards and shuffle the 4 Stage-2 Public Objectives together. Put these 4 cards face-down in the public area of the table. Suffle the 10 Stage-1 Public Objective Cards and draw 6 random cards, face-down.

Place the 6 Stage-1 cards on top of the 4 Stage-2 cards and place the combined stack of 10 Public Objective cards into the common game area with all cards face-down. There should be a Stage-1 Public Objective Card face-down on the top.

Proceed to Secret Objectives Review for the players in this tutorial.

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