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Creating the Game Board

Start of turn

Steve will once again place 2 system tiles. Since the 2nd ring around Mecatol Rex is not yet completed he will need to place one of the tiles there. The second tile can then be placed anywhere on the outside ring.

All the planet tiles he has left are double planet tiles. Whichever one he chooses will be placed close to Melissa's Home System. Between the 3 system planet pairs (Coorneeq/Resculon, Tequ'ran/Torkan, Arnor/Lor) they all have distinct benefits.

The Coorneeq/Resculon pair was chosen to be placed in the region close to Melissa because, although it has higher resource output, it has only 1 science advancement icon on it.

End of turn

The Tequ'ran/Torkan system was placed close by Steve's Home System.

Player rotation reverses again and Melissa is next.

Continue on to 20th System Placement.

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