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Creating the Game Board

Once the races have been selected, and all players have their Home Systems, the remaining home systems go back in the box. All Home Systems have a yellow border. These are no longer used in the game.

The number of planet tiles varies with the number of players in a game. For a three player game you must first remove 3 empty (hexes without planets or red border). Also remove 1 Asteroids tile and put those tiles back in the box.

Shuffle the remaining 28 system tiles and draw 4 random systems from this stack and place them back in the box too.

Deal the remaining 24 systems out to the players, 8 systems to a player, face down. The goal is to create a game board that looks like this:

Start by placing Mecatol Rex in the center. Each player should decide which of the three Home System locations will be theirs. The Home Systems locations are shown with yellow hexes in the diagram. Player 1, Steve, will sit at the 12:00 position. Player 2, Melissa, will be seated at the 4:00 position. Player 3, Nicholas, will sit at 8:00 position.

Each player now examines their tiles and adds system tiles to the game board. The rules for placement are that rings have to be completed in concentric order from the inside going outwards. No systems can be added to a next level outward ring until the previous ring is completed.

Also, a player must place a system tile containing at least one planet if the previous tile they placed did not. And, tiles having red borders should not be placed adjacent to each other.

Beginning with the first player, one tile is placed and then order proceeds in a clockwise manner. When the third player turn arrives they place 2 tiles and then the order proceeds in a counterclockwise manner. Once the rotation gets back to the first player, that player also places two tiles and then rotation switches back to clockwise sequencing. Keep repeating this cycle until all tiles have been placed. When the position where your own Home System needs to be filled you should place your Home System into the map, however that does not count towards placing tiles. You still need to place a tile.

Although it will seem tedious while walking through this example, actual play goes pretty fast. We'll begin with first reviewing what each player was dealt and then watch as the game board is constructed.

Continue Building the Board.

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