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Action Phase

Melissa will spend a Command Counter from her Strategy Allocation pool and perform the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card. She decides to build in her Home System at the Space Dock orbiting the planet "Retillion".

She has a a Fleet Limit of 5. The production capacity of the Space Dock is (2 + 2) = 4 plus 1 more from the "Enviro Compensator" technology for a total of 5. Melissa has no Trade Goods left, but can produce as many as 5 resources from her planets.

She builds a Carrier and 4 Figthers.

The following planets were exhausted.

Everyone has exercised the option to play the Secondary Ability from the Strategy Card Nicholas chose. He flips the Strategy Card over (Inactive) but leaves it in his area.

The game turn resumes with the next player action in order as specified by the numbers of the Strategy Cards.

Proceed to Steve.

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