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Action Phase

Melissa activates the "Mellon/Zohbat" system to produce at the Space Dock there.

The production capacity of the Space Dock orbiting "Zohbat" is 5. Melissa has the "Enviro Compensator" technology which increases her total production capacity to 6. If she plays her "Productivity Spike" Action Card she can increase the production capacity to 7.

Her Fleet Limit is currently 5 and there are no other ships in that system.

She has no Trade Goods left and has a total resource output potential of 14 from her planets.

She produces 2 Cruisers, 3 Destroyers and 1 PDS. Total resource costs is (2 x 2) + (3 x 1) + 2 = 9. Production count is 6 and fleet count is 5.

Melissa places her new units into the system, the flag on "Zohbat" was replaced by the PDS. The following planets were exhausted.

Proceed to Nicholas.

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