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Action Phase

Steve activates the "New Albion/Starpoint" system to produce on the Space Docks there.

He still has 1 Trade Good, and 7 resources from planets. His Fleet Limit is 7, and there are currently 4 ships already in that system. The production capacity between the 2 planets and Space Docks is 8 units.

Steve decides to build 1 Carrier for a cost of 3 resources. Figthers, which cost 1 resource for 2 Figthers, do not count towards the Fleet Limit. They do count against the produciton limit he currently has of 8. He decides to build 6 Figthers at a cost of 3 resources.

Total cost in resources is 6. Total production units made is 7. He adds them to the system and is still within his Fleet Limit.

Steve exhausts planets and again decides to keep his remaining Trade Good.

Proceed to Melissa.

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