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Action Phase

Steve decides he needs to shore up defenses at his Home System and activate there to produce at his Space Dock.

The Home System planet of "Quinarra" has a resource output value of 3. When the Space Dock value is added, Steve can produce a maximum of 5 units at this location.

He has no technology advances that helps with ship production. However he has 1 Trade Good left and the planets he controls can produce up to 14 resources. The total available resources is 15.

Steve's current Fleet Limit is 7 and there are no ships in his Home System.

Steve builds 2 PDS at a cost of 2 resources each, 2 Ground Forces for a cost of 1 resource, and 1 Cruiser which cost him 2 resources.

The new units produced are placed on the planet "Quinarra" because that's where the Space Dock is orbiting. If Steve wants to move some of the Ground Force units or a PDS over to the planet "Tren'Lak", he will have to transport them there in a later turn via ship.

His total production cost was 7 resources. Steve decides to keep his Trade Good and exhausts enough planets to pay for the production.

Proceed to Melissa's turn.

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