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Action Phase

Nicholas decides to activate the system with the Space Dock at "Sakulag".

"Sakulag" has a resource output of 2. Total units possible to produce is then 2 for the planet, plus 2 for the Space Dock, and 1 more for having "Enviro Compensator" technology. Total production capacity is 5 units.

His current Fleet Supply has 6 Command Counters in it, so his Fleet Limit is 6. There are currently no other ships in that system.

His inventory of unexhausted planets yields potentially 4 resources. Nicholas also has 1 Trade Good. The "Sarween Tools" technology also adds 1 to the resource output. This makes a total of 6 possible resources to use for production at this Space Dock.

He deicdes to build 1 Carrier at a cost of 3 resources, 1 PDS with a cost of 2 resources, and 2 Fighters for his Carrier. The 2 Fighters together cost 1 resource.

Nicholas placed the PDS on the planet "Sakulag" and removes the flag that was there.

Nicholas spent the Trade Good and exhausted planets to pay for this production.

Nicholas has no Command Counters left in his Command Pool.

Proceed to Steve's turn.

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