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Action Phase

Nicholas activates the "Thibah" system.

The combination planet output and Space Dock offset as well as Enviro Compensator technology yields an output limit of 4 units. The Sarween Tools technology advance provides a 1 resource discount on total cost. Total possible resources for production from all planets plus the technology discount is 16. Nicholas has a Fleet Limit of 6.

He builds 2 Dreadnoughts at a cost of 4 resources each. Nicholas builds 2 PDS units at a cost of 2 resources each. Total units built = 4, and total resources to exhaust from planets is (4 + 4 + 2 + 2 - 1) = 11.

A player may not build more than 2 PDS units on a planet. Nicholas is now at this limit on "Thibah".

Nicholas exhausts planets to pay for the new production.

Proceed to Steve.

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