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Action Phase

Melissa also sees this as an opportunity to increase her potential fleet size on the board. When she examines her situation she sees that there are a few planets that she controls that have a 0 for resource production value, but all having influence value.

If she exhausts the planet "Dal Bootha" she would be giving up the red Technology discount that planet provides. But she also has the "Technology" Strategy Card this round and will get a technology advance for free. So she doesn't need the discount.

To perform the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card she would convert 3 Influence points per Command Counter. The total Influence so far would be 8. If she includes the planet "Tar'Mann" she would be gaining 1 more Influence point and that planet only has a resource output value of 1.

Melissa exhausts all 4 planets and collects 3 Command Counters. Note that no player is required to consume a Command Counter from their Strategy Allocation Pool to perform the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card. Here's how she allocated her 3 new Command Counters. She added 2 to her Fleet Supply and 1 to her Command Pool.

Melissa now has a Fleet Limit of 5 ships.

Proceed to Nicholas.

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