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Status Phase

New Command Counters and Re-Distribute

Each player receives 2 new Command Counters and places them on their Race Sheet. The counters on the sheet may be moved around. Here is the distribution of Command Counters and Action Cards at the end of the 5th round for these 3 players.
Action Cards are hidden information in a real game but shown here for the tutorial.

Ending Round 5, Command Counters and Action Cards
Sardakk N'orr The Yssaril Tribes The L1z1x Mindnet
Steve Melissa Nicholas
Rare Mineral
Scientist Assassination
Skilled Retreat
Strategic Bombardment
Direct Hit!
Emergency Repairs
Morale Boost
Productivity Spike
Public Disgrace
Rise of a Messiah
Shields Holding
Signal Jamming
Direct Hit!
Dug In
Emergency Repairs
In the Silence of Space
Ruinous Tariffs
Spacedock Accident

Return Strategy Cards

All Strategy Cards are returned to the common play area and any idle cards are flipped back over to their active side. Note there are 2 Bonus Markers remaining. There's 1 on both "Logistics" and "Trade".

Proceed to Round 6.

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