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Status Phase

Repair Ships

There are no damaged ships.

Remove Command Counters

All Command Counters are pulled from the board and returned to supply.

Refresh Planets

Each player turns over any exhausted planets in their player area.

New Action Cards

The Core Stability Law is still in effect.

Core Stability (LAW)
During each Status Phase, Action Cards are drawn and placed face-up on the table. Players choose their cards in order of unexhausted influence from highest to lowest.

Each player agrees to turn over their cards and place them in the common area face-up for everyone to see. After all cards are laid out, players will choose them based upon the Law.

Nicholas has the "Neural Motivator" technology card, which in allows him to draw 1 extra Action Card in the Status Phase. He draws 2 Action Cards, "Reparations" and "Armistice".

Steve draws the Action Card "Scientist Assassination".

Because of her special Race Ability, Melissa draws 2 Action Cards, "Emergency Repairs" and "Recheck".

Choose 1 opponent and 1 planet you control: he can't invade it this round.

Emergency Repairs
Immediately repair all of your Dreadnoughts and War Suns in a chosen system.

Force reroll of any 1 combat die.

Exhaust a chosen planet of opponent who has just taken 1 from you. Then refresh 1 of your own planets of equal or lesser resource value.

Scientist Assassination
Choose a player; that player can't acquire or purchase technology this turn. This card is played during the Strategy Phase.

The players now compare their un-exhausted Influence points to determine Action Card draw order.

Player Available Influence
Steve 9
Melissa 22
Nicholas 19 Speaker Token

Here's how the Action Cards will be drawn by the players.

    Action Card selection order will be:
  1. Melissa x 2
  2. Nicholas x 2
  3. Steve

Melissa takes "Armistice" and "Recheck".

Nicholas may take 2 cards but he also has to manage his Action Card limit. He currently has 6 Action Cards. After adding 2 of these new cards he must discard 1. He chooses "Emergency Repairs" and "Reparations". He discards "Reparations".

Steve has 4 existing Action Cards and can add the remaining "Scientist Assassination" card.

Continue the Round 5 Status Phase.

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