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Status Phase

The Status Phase proceeds as follows:

  1. Qualify for Public and Secret Objective Cards
  2. Game can be won in this step.
  3. Repair Damaged Ships
  4. Remove Command Counters from board
  5. Refresh Planets
  6. Receive Action Cards
  7. Receive Command Counters and Re-Distribute Command Counters on Race Sheet
  8. Return Strategy Cards

Check Objectives

None of the player's Secret Objectives have been met. Each player may qualify for one Public Objective in each Status Phase. Checking proceeds in normal turn order.

Players have already accomplished some of the Public Objectives.

Nicholas reviews the Public Objects that has has not already claimed. He actually satisfies 2 of the objectives. Each player can only claim one Public Objective in the Status Phase.

Nicholas claims the Pubilc Objective related to having all three Space Docks on the board. He gains a Victory Point.

Both Steve and Melissa qualify for the same objective. The flags and score are adjusted accordingly.

Continue the Round 5 Status Phase.

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