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Action Phase

Steve decides that will play the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card. He spends his last Command Counter from his Strategy Allocation area. He will build units in the "New Albion/Starpoint" system. There are 2 Space Docks in that system, 1 for each planet. Building at both is permitted.

The planet "New Albion" has a resource output value of 1. With the Space Dock, 2 more units can be produced, for a total production capacity of 3 units.

The planet "Starpoint" has a resource output value of 3. With the Space Dock the total production capacity is 5. Between the 2 Space Docks Steve can produce 8 units. In both cases he has no technology advantage that boosts the production capacity.

An error was just made. However it was not caught until the game was reviewed upon completion. The error itself does not change the outcome of the game.

The problem is that the Space Dock at "New Albion" was created earlier in this round. A newly created Space Dock cannot produce units in the same round it was created. Steve, as well as the other players of the game, missed this rule.

Steve has a Fleet Supply limit of 4 ships. Provided that resources are available, he can produce up to 8 units, with a maximum of 4 ships. This leaves capacity for Fighters, Ground Forces, and PDS.

There is 1 Trade Good availble. 12 resources are available from his unexhausted planets. This makes for a total of 13 resources available for production between these 2 Space Docks.

Steve exhausts the following planets.

He also spends his single remaining Trade Good. He now has a total of 13 resources to spend on production. Here's a look at the table that specifies his unit costs.

Steve produces 4 Cruisers for a cost of 8 resources. That's also his 4 ship limit.

He produces 2 PDS at a cost of 2 resources each for a running total of 12 resources. There is a mis-print on the Race Sheet table, the correct cost for producing a PDS is stated as 2 resources each, in the rules.

He also produces 2 Ground Force units at a cost of 1 resource.

That brings the total resources spent to 13. The number of ships produced equals 4 and the total units produced is 8.

The flags were no longer needed on the planets and were removed.

Everyone has exercised the option to play the Secondary Ability from the Strategy Card Melissa chose. She flips the Strategy Card over (Inactive) but leaves it in her area.

The game turn resumes with the next player action in order as specified by the numbers of the Strategy Cards.

Nicholas is next.

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