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Action Phase

Nicholas does not need to spend a Command Counter from his Strategy Allocation Pool since he has the "Initiative" Strategy Card. He decides to play the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card. He cannot build on the Space Dock in the "Thibah" system because that was just created earlier this round.

The Space Dock at "Sakulag" is unavailable for the same reason. The only Space Dock he can use is in his Home System orbiting the planet "0.0.0".

"0.0.0" has a production capacity level of 5. The Space Dock there adds 2, and with the "Enviro Compensator" technology adds 1 more. The total production capacity at "0.0.0" is 8 units.

His unexhausted planets can produce 9 resources. With the "Sarween Tools" technology advance he adds 1 more, for a total of 10 resources available.

Nicholas has a current Fleet Supply limit of 5. He also has a special Race ability that makes his Dreadnought cost to be 4 resrouces each.

Nicholas exhausts the planets "0.0.0", "Mehar Xull", "Lor", "Qucen'n" and "Mecatol Rex" and builds 2 Dreadnoughts and 2 Destroyers.

Play on the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card continues with Steve.

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