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Action Phase

Before any actual combat begins the players must resolve any pre-combat conditions. The official order of pre-combat conditions are as follows:

The PDS belonging to Steve participates in this battle because of his Deep Space Cannon Technology.

He rolls a 6 for the PDS assault. A PDS "hits" on 6, so Nicholas' has to take a hit on his only ship, the Dreadnought. Steve immediately plays his "Direct Hit!" Action Card.

I made a mistake here. The "Direct Hit!" Action Card must be played as part of a Space Battle. PDS fire is an activity that happens before a Space Battle. In this case, I was not allowed to play the Action Card.

The Dreadnought belonging to Nicholas has been destroyed in the opening salvo of this battle.

The 2 Dreadnoughts belonging to Steve can commence Planetary Bombardment since Nicholas has no PDS on the planet "Saudor". Steve may roll 1 die for each Dreadnought participating in the battle.

He rolls a 5 and 3. The Dreadnought "hits" on 5 or better. One of Nicholas' Ground Force units has been destroyed by Planetary Bombardment.

Next, Steve conducts a Planetary Invasion.

Planetary Invasions are conducted much like Space Battles. Rolls are considered simultaneous.

  1. Roll combat dice
  2. Remove casualties

The sequence (1 thru 2) repeats until only one player's Ground Forces are remaining on the planet.

Steve, the attacker rolls first.

He rolls an 8. An 8 or greater is a "hit" for a Ground Force unit.

Nicholas, the defender rolls a 1.

Nicholas has to take 1 "hit" and since he has only 1 Ground Force unit on the planet, it is destroyed and the Planetary Invasion is done. Nicholas turns over the "Saudor" planet card to Steve. Steve places the planet card exhausted in his player area.

Proceed to Melissa's turn.

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