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Action Phase

The Battle Round

1. Announce withdrawls/retreats

Nicholas, the attacker, announces he will not withdraw. Steve, the defender, declares a retreat. Actual retreat is part of step 4 in the Space Battle sequence.

2. Roll combat dice

A player's Race may have special abilities that modify combat dice.

There's a typo on the Race Sheet for Sardakk N'Orr. Sardakk N'Orr's special ability is clarified in the FAQ as "You receive +1 on your combat rolls...

The L1Z1X Mindnet also have a special Race ability that concerns combat. "Your Dreadnought units receive +1 during Space Battles, and your Ground Force units receive +1 when attacking during Invasion Combat."

Both players simultaneously roll one 10-sided combat die (the zero means 10 on the die) for every one of their ships involved in the battle. The War Sun is an exception, it gets to roll 3 dice.

Nicholas has War Suns, a Dreadnought, a Carrier and 7 Figthers.

Unit Qty. Battle Special
War Sun 2 3 (x3) Bombardment through planetary shields, Sustain Damage
Dreadnought 1 5 Bombardment honors planetary shields, Sustain Damage
Carrier 1 9
Fighter 7 9

Steve has 3 Cruisers.

Unit Qty. Battle Special
Cruiser 3 7

Though the effect of the die rolls are treated as simultaneous, the players process the dice rolls sequentially in a Space Battle round.

Nicholas rolls 6 dice for the War Suns. 3 dice for eah unit.

He rolls a 6, 10, 3, 4, 10 and 9. A War Sun "hits" on a roll of 3, each one these dice rolls are a "hit" against Steve. Steve has to take 6 "hits". It takes only 1 "hit" to destroy a Cruiser and all 3 of Steve's Cruisers are very likely destroyed.

Nicholas needs to finish the job, and rolls 1 die for his Dreadnought's attack.

He rolls a 1. His special Race ability adds 1 to the die roll making it equivalent to a 2. That's still a "miss".

Hi Carrier rolls 1 die as an 8. Also a "miss".

Nicholas also has 7 Fighters in this battle and they need to roll too.

He rolls 1 die for each Figther and rolls a 6, 2, 9, 1, 8, 10 and 8. That's 2 "hits".

The Space Battle is not over however, even though his ships are destroyed by Nicholas, the battle is simultaneous, so he still takes his turn. Steve rolls 3 dice, 1 for each Cruiser.

He rolls a 7, 7 and 5. Adjusted by the "+1" for his special Race Ability, this equates to 8, 8 and 6. A Cruiser "hits" on a die roll of 7, so Nicholas has to take 2 "hits" in this Space Battle round.

3. Remove casualties

Each player must take casualties equal to the number of "hits" dealt. For every hit, the player must destroy a ship of his own choice. If a Dreadnought or War Sun takes a hit it becomes "Damaged" and is not destroyed. The way the players indicate damaged ships is to flip them over, or on their side. The VASSAL game module doesn't flip the pieces over but instead puts a "Damaged" flag by the ship. Both the Dreadnought and War Sun are destroyed if they take a hit and are already "damaged".

But here's the thing. Casualties are always decided by the affected player. And since Fighters are dirt cheap, they can be the destroyed ships if the player chooses.

The attacker goes first.

Nicholas has to take 2 "hits".

He could choose to just take damage on either his War Suns or Dreadnought. Steve knows that if Nicholas makes that choice it would be a mistake since he has Action Cards that will destroy them instead. Nicholas decides to remove 2 Fighters from the "Mecatol Rex" system as his casualties.

The defender goes next.

Steve takes 8 hits.

The concept of a retreat is totally lost since he must destroy all 3 of his Cruisers.

4. Execute withdrawls/retreats

No retreat will happen this round. Steve has no ships left.

The Space Battle is complete. Nicholas may commence a Planetary Landing on Mecatol Rex.

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