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Action Phase

Nicholas and Steve are about to engage in a Space Battle. Nicholas is the attacker and Steve is the defender. A Space Battle is conducted over several combat rounds until ships from only one player remain in the system. It is possible for there to be no remaining ships when combat rounds complete.

Each player reviews their Action Cards before battle.

Nicholas has the following Action Cards
Card Description
Dug In Choose a planet. Your ground forces there are immune to bombardment this round.
In the Silence of Space Choose 1 of your fleets. All ships in that fleet with movement of 2 or greater can pass through, but not stop in a system containing enemy units with this activation.
Ruinous Tariffs Choose a player with whom you have a trade agreement. Take 50 percent of his Trade Goods (round down).
Sabotage Cancel any other action card (can't be used against another Sabotage).
Spacedock Accident Choose a Space Dock in a non-Home system. The owner of the Space Dock may not build units at the chosen Space Dock this round.
Successful Spy Steal 2 random action cards from 1 opponent.

Review Steve's Action Cards.

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