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Action Phase

Nicholas wants to put his War Suns into play and quickly. Unknown to the other players, he has the Action Card "Flank Speed". Flank Speed allows him to add 1 to the movement for all ships that enter a just activated system.

He begins by activating the "Mecatol Rex" system.

He has 5 Command Counters in his Fleet Supply.

Taking care not to exceed this limit he checks his counts. With the Dreadnought and Carrier in the system next door, the fleet count is 2. Fighters and Ground Forces do not count towards Fleet Supply Limit. Nicholas can move 5 ships into the "Mecatol Rex" system and stay within limits.

He will use the "Flank Speed" Action Card and add +1 to the movement of the War Suns in his Home System. War Suns can move 2 spaces by default. With "Flank Speed" they can reach "Mecatol Rex" in one move.

Each War Sun is capable of carrying up to 6 Ground Forces and/or PDS and/or Fighters. He can pick up the Fighters in the Home System and the Ground Forces there and bring them along. He leaves a flag behind on the planet "0.0.0" in his Home System.

Nicholas shows his Action Card and announces that the War Sun fleet can reach "Mecatol Rex" this turn. He also moves the Dreadnought from "Thibah" and the Carrier with it's Fighters. He leaves 1 Ground Force behind on "Thibah".

"Mecatol Rex" just got really crowded.

Proceed to a discussion about PDS fire before the Space Battle begins.

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