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Action Phase

Nicholas begins his turn this round by playing the "Political" Strategy Card. Steve was the last person to play this card and already knows the top face-down card on the Political Card Deck.

Nicholas begins by adding 3 Action Cards. However, since he already has 6 Action Cards, he will have to draw them one-at--a-time once he gets to 7 Cards, discarding to stay within the 7 Action Card Limit.

Ruinous Tariffs allows Nicholas to choose player with whom he has a trade agreement aand take half of his Trade Goods.

Spacedock Accident allows Nicholas to select an opponent's non-Home System Space Dock and restrict it from building units in the round.

Flank Speed allows him to choose a recently activated system and add +1 to the movement of all ships going there.

He also gets 1 Command Counter which he places in his Command Pool. There are now 4 Command Counters in his Command Pool.

Nicholas draws the top card from the Political Card deck and places it face-up in the common player area then reads it aloud. It reads as follows:

Mass Mobilization
This is a "For or Against" Vote for this immediate Round.
For: Each player divides total votes by 5 and places that number of Ground Forces on planets that he controls.
Against: No player may purchase Ground Forces for the remainder of this round.

The players must either vote for or against this proposed law. Voting is accomplished by using the "Influence" of the unexhausted planets for each player.

Nicholas has 9 unexhausted planets providing a total of 12 Influence points.

Steve has 7 unexhausted planets providing a total of 7 Influence points.

Melissa has 13 unexhausted plaanets providing a total of 22 Influence points.

Voting proceeds clockwise beginning with the player seated to the left of the player having the Speaker Token. The Speaker will vote last and can break any tie. Votes are the total unexhausted influence points each player has. Casting a vote either for or against the proposaal does not cause the planets to exhaust. Voting begins with Steve.

Steve casts 7 votes against the proposal.

Melissa casts 22 votes for the proposal.

Nicholas realizes that his votes will not be enough to sway against Melissa. He casts 12 votes for the proposal.

Proposal votes
34 7

The proposal passes. Each player calculates how many Ground Forces they get to distribute by dividing their vote by 5.

Player Votes Ground Forces

The players agree to place their bonus Ground Force units in rotation, beginning with Nicholas since he played this Strategy Card.

Nicholas places 2 Ground Force units. He puts 1 on "Thibah", replacing the flag there. He adds the other one to "Saudor", with a total of 2 on "Saudor".

Steve puts his single new Ground Force unit on the planet "New Albion". He removes the flag that was there.

Melissa gets 4 new Ground Force units. She puts Ground Force each on the planets "Arinam" and "Meer". Melissa wants to place 2 Ground Force units on "Tar'Mann". However, there are only 12 plastic Ground Force pieces for each player color supplied with the game. She places her last Ground Force unit on "Tar'Mann" and then place a Ground Force supplimental token/chit underneath it to indicate there are really 2 units there.

She removes flags from all 3 of those planets.

VASSAL uses numeric values to show multiple counters in one location when necessary.

Now that the agenda has been resolved, the "Mass Mobilization" Political Card is discarded. Nicholas must complete the Primary Ability of the "Political" Strategy Card. He pulls the next three cards from the top of the Political Card Deck and reads them secretly.

Imperial Academy (LAW)
FOR: Players may purchase Command Counters for only 2 Influence (instead of 3) when performing the Secondary Ability of the Logistics Strategy Card.
AGAINST: The card is discarded

Official Sanction
The elected player may not invade any planet for the remainder of the round.

Wormhole Reconstruction (LAW)
FOR: All wormhole systems become connected. This has interesting implications in our game because the "A" Wormhole has never been active. If this proposal were to become law, the "A" Wormhole would become active and be connected to both of the other "B" Wormholes.
AGAINST: The card is discarded.

Nicholas realizes that "Wormhole Reconstruction (LAW)" could really change the dynamics of the game but is too risky since it would potentially connect the B-Wormhole adjacent to Steve to the A-Wormhole which is at the bottom of the board but somewhat close to his own Home System. Note also that Nicholas does not realize that connecting the A-Wormhole would seriously change the task of accomplishing Melissa's Secret Objective. He decides that "Official Sanction" would be fun and places it face-down on the top of the Political Card Deck. The others are placed face down on the bottom.

In clockwise order following Nicholas, the other players may play the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card.

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