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Strategy Phase

Melissa takes the "Imperial" Strategy Card.

Nicholas follows the pattern and takes "Initiative". He gets the Speaker Token.

Steve takes "Warfare".

Melissa takes "Diplomacy" for her second card. She converts the Bonus Token to a Command Counter and places it in her Command Pool. Melissa now has 3 Command Counters in her Command Pool.

Nicholas chooses "Political" for his second Strategy Card. He converts the 2 Bonus Tokens into Command Counters, placing 1 in the Fleet Pool (bringing that total to 5) and the other in his Command Pool. Nicholas' Command Pool now has 4 Command Counters.

Steve takes "Technology" as his second card.

The "Logistics" and "Trade" Strategy Cards were not taken. They each get one Bonus Token.

To summarize,

From this point forward during Round 5, the player order, as determined by the Strategy Card numbers is:
  1. Nicholas
  2. Melissa
  3. Steve

The Strategy Phase of Round 5 is complete. Proceed to the Action Phase. Nicholas is first.

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