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Action Phase

Nicholas decides to build units in his Home System.

First he activates the system.

Nicholas also has many unexhausted planets.

Total production resources available to Nicholas from the planets totals 15. The "Sarween Tools" technology adds 1 effective resource. He also has 10 Trade Goods! That makes a total possible of 26.

Nicholas has 3 Command Counters in the Fleet Supply region, limiting him to 3 ships in any system. The planet "0.0.0" has a resource value of 5. The Space Dock adds 2. He also gets the benefit of another Technology Card here. "Enviro Compensator" technology adds 1 to the total capacity of the Space Dock, making it 5 + 2 + 1 = 8.

In summary, Nicholas has 26 resources to spend, can produce 8 units, and has a Fleet Limit of 3.

Nicholas has the technology to build a War Sun.

Nicholas chooses to spend everything and builds 2 War Suns and 4 Fighters. The War Sun costs 12 resources to produce and Fighters are purchased 2 for 1 resource.

The War Sun has a movement speed of 2, like Destroyers and Cruisers. It is also capable of carrying Ground Forces, PDS and Fighters, like a Carrier. The planet "0.0.0" already had 2 Ground Forces, so assuming Nicholas divides units equally between the 2 War Suns, each War Sun will carry 2 Fighters and 1 Ground Force.

Nicholas spent all of his trade Goods and exhausted every planet he owns except for "Rarron", which has only Influence output.

Steve is next.

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