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Action Phase

Melissa intends to take advantage of the situation she created previously when playing the "Warfare" Strategy Card. She once again activates the "Vefut II" system. Her goal is to produce ships at the Space Dock there.

She has quite a few planets available for resource production.

Total Production Resources availible to her from the planets is 10. She also has 2 Trade Goods available. Therefore the total Production Resources available if she exhausts enough planets and adds the Trade Goods is 12.

She has 3 Command Counters in the Fleet Supply, which limits her to having a maximum of 3 ships in any System. The planet "Vefut II" has a resource value of 2. The Space Dock adds 2, and the "Enviro Compensator" technology she hasa adds 1 more to the total capacity. Total Production capacity for Melissa is 5.

In summary, Melissa has 12 resources output available, a production capacity limit of 5, and she can have no more than 3 ships in the system.

Melissa builds 2 Dreadnoughts, consuming 10 resources. She decides to to exhaust "Shalloq", "Zohbat", "Coorneeq", "Vefut II", and "Xxehan". That totals 8. She uses her 2 Trade Goods to bring the total to 10.

There's an error that was made earlier by the player Melissa and it was not caught. She created the Space Dock in this round. You cannot build at a Space Dock in the same round in which it was created. Melissa is actually not allowed by the rules to build at this Space Dock right now.

The tutorial is not easy to correct without "unwinding" all of the following web pages, so I have to leave this error in tact and note it for your attention. Thanks to a very attentive user of this web site for pointing this out to me.

That ends Melissa's turn. Nicholas is next.

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