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Action Phase

Steve begins the sequence to move those Cruisers from out of his Home System.

He activate the destination system at "Quann".

Using the "B" Wormhole, all 3 Cruisers can reach the activated system in 2 steps.

There's an error that was made earlier by the player Steve and it was not caught. Back when he activated his Home System to build units he failed to place a Command Counter in his Home System. Since the Command Counter was absent, no one noticed that he should not have been able to move the Cruisers out of the activated Home System.

The tutorial is not easy to correct without "unwinding" all of the following web pages, so I have to leave this error in tact and note it for your attention. Thanks to a very attentive user of this web site for pointing this out to me.

Melissa is next.

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