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Status Phase

New Action Cards

The Core Stability Law is still in effect.

Core Stability (LAW)
During each Status Phase, Action Cards are drawn and placed face-up on the table. Players choose their cards in order of unexhausted influence from highest to lowest.

Each player agrees to turn over their cards and place them in the common area face-up for everyone to see. Then after all cards are laid out, players will choose them based upon the Law.

Steve draws the Action Card, "Signal Jamming".

Melissa draws the 2 Action Cards "Cultural Crisis" and "Flank Speed".

Nicholas draws the "Dug In" Action Card.

With Signal Jamming the owning player can take a Command Counter from the supply stock (referred to as "Reinforcements" in the rules) and place it on any one of their non-home systems.

Cultural Crisis allows the owning player to choose an opponent's Race and disable all their special abilities for a round.

After activating a system, the owning player can play the Flank Speed Action Card to give all ships moving there +1 to their movement.

When playing the Dug In Action Card, any planet the owning player chooses can have Ground Forces that are immune to planetary bombardment.

The players now compare their un-exhausted Influence points to determine Action Card draw order.

Player Available Influence
Steve 6 Speaker Token
Melissa 13
Nicholas 11

Melissa gets first choice (and she gets to take 2 because she's Yssaril). Nicholas is 2nd. Steve is last.

    Action Card selection order will be:
  1. Melissa x 2
  2. Nicholas
  3. Steve

Melissa takes "Flank Speed" and "Signal Jamming".

Nicholas takes "Dug In".

Steve picks up the left-over "Cultural Crisis" Action Card.

New Command Counters and Re-Distribute

Each player receives 2 new Command Counters and places them on their Race Sheet. The counters on the sheet may be moved around. Here is the distribution of Command Counters and Action Cards at the end of the 3rd round for these 3 players.
Action Cards are hidden information in a real game but shown here for the tutorial.

Ending Round 3, Command Counters and Action Cards
Sardakk N'orr The Yssaril Tribes The L1z1x Mindnet
Steve Melissa Nicholas
Cultural Crisis
Direct Hit!
Direct Hit!
Local Unrest
Rare Mineral
Skilled Retreat
Direct Hit!
Flank Speed
Morale Boost
Productivity Spike
Shields Holding
Signal Jamming
Dug In
In the Silence of Space
Trade Stop

Return Strategy Cards

All Strategy Cards are returned to the common play area and any idle cards are flipped back over to their active side. Note there are Bonus Markers remaining. There's 1 each on "Political" and "Trade".

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