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Status Phase

The Status Phase proceeds as follows:

  1. Qualify for Public and Secret Objective Cards
  2. Game can be won in this step.
  3. Repair Damaged Ships
  4. Remove Command Counters from board
  5. Refresh Planets
  6. Receive Action Cards
  7. Receive Command Counters and Re-Distribute Command Counters on Race Sheet
  8. Return Strategy Cards

Check Objectives

None of the player's Secret Objectives have been met. What about the Public Objectives? Each player may qualify for one Public Objective in each Status Phase. Checking proceeds in normal turn order.

The second Public Objective has already been claimed by Nicholas.

Steve has the "Initiative" Strategy Card so he's still first in turn order. Steve has had 3 Cruisers orbiting "Mecatol Rex" since last turn. He announces that he has indeed accomplished the first Public Objective. Note that he has not achieved his Secret Objective yet because he needs more ships there and a Space Dock (and at least one Ground Force before he can build a Space Dock there).

The other players disagree. Although Steve has Cruisers orbiting Mecatol Rex he has never landed any Ground Forces there and invaded the planet. You could say he has control of the System but not the Planet. Steve does not yet get to claim this point.

Nicholas has 7 technology advances and easily qualifies for the third Public Objective.

He places one of his flags in the card to mark it and gains 1 point on the score track.

Melissa still has not accomplished any Public Objectives.

Repair Ships

There were no space battles this turn. There are no damaged ships.

Remove Command Counters

All Command Counters are pulled from the board and returned to supply.

Refresh Planets

Each player turns over any exhausted planets in their player area.

Continue the Round 3 Status Phase.

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