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Action Phase

Melissa "passes".

Play resumes with Nicholas.

Nicholas plays "Diplomacy".

Since both the other players have "passed" there's not much chance of interaction between these players for the remainder of the turn. At this point in the game the Secondary Ability is more useful than the Primary Ability.

Just in case, he names "Sardakk N'Orr" (Steve).

The other players, even though they "passed", have the option to perform the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card - beginning with Steve.

Steve takes this opportunity to refresh 2 planets. Since he has the "Initiative" Strategy Card, playing the Secdondary Ability costs him nothing. He refreshes "Star Point" and "Tequ'Ran".

Melissa has no Command Counters left in her Strategy Allocation. She cannot play the Secondary Ability for this card.

This was a case where the Secondary Ability of a Strategy Card was probably more helpful for the opponents than the Primary Ability was for the card owner. Nicholas did not see any real advantage for playing this card except that it, because of it's low numeric value, caused him to play 2nd in rotation.

Everyone has completed their actions related to the "Diplomacy" Strategy Card, Nicholas turns it over making it "inactive".

Both Steve and Melissa have already "passed". Nicholas has no Command Counters left in his Command Pool. He "passes" and ends his turn.

Game play resumes with the Status Phase.

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