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Action Phase

Melissa can take over two more neutral planets if she's willing to leave one of her systems at slight risk to attack from Steve.

There are multiple components to this move. We'll see how it breaks down with some board snap-shots.

First, she activates the "Arinam/Meer" system.

She then picks up the Ground Force unit at "Vefut II" with her Carrier, and since her technology advances allows Carriers to move 2 spaces, ...

... moves over to the "Wellon" system, where she picks up an additional Ground Force unit and a PDS and...

... moves them all into the "Arnam/Meer" system.

Note: A Carrier may not pick up Ground Forces from a planet in an already activated system. "Wellon" was not, so this is legal.

She then places a flag on the planet "Wellon", ...

"Vefut II", ...

... and adds the planet cards for "Arinam" and "Meer".

The planet cards are placed face-down, exhausted.

Nicholas is next.

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