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Action Phase

Melissa would benefit from having additional Command Counters. She needs 6 Influence points to add 2 Command Counters.

Let's review her current planet cards that are not exhausted.

Of the planets she owns, 5 have an Influence value that is greater than their Resource value.

Planets Review
Planet Resource Influence Technology
Retillion 2 3
Shalloq 1 2
Mellon 0 2
Coorneeq 1 2 Red
Wellon 1 2

She chooses to exhaust the planets "Shalloq", "Mellon" and "Wellon" for a total of 6 Influence points. There is no Command Counter cost to perform the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card. Melissa performs the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card and receives 2 Command Counters.

She now has 3 Command Counters in her Command Pool and 1 remaining in her Strategy Allocation pool.

Nicholas also has the opportunity to play the "Logistics" Secondary Ability.

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