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Action Phase

Melissa moves to capture 2 more neutral planets. She activate a system and begins to move her Carrier with 1 Ground Force unit.

Since her Carrier can move 2 spaces it can make it to the activated system. Along the way she picks up an extra Ground Force unit.

She then deposits the 2 Ground Force units onto the new neutral planets and takes the cards for "Dal Bootha" and "Xxehan" and places them exhausted in her player area.

In the process of playing this move everyone notices that there is a "loose" Fighter sitting in the "Mellon/Zohbat" system. A Fighter cannot be on the board in space by itself. It must either be associated with a Space Dock or a Carrier.

This was an obvious mistake made somewhere during the previous turn. The players agree that Melissa is permitted to include the Fighter in with her Carrier that just went through that system.

As a final step, Melissa places a Flag in the planet "Mellon" and another on "Tar'Mann".

Game play resumes with Nicholas.

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