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Action Phase

Steve has no Command Counters available, so he plays his last Strategy Card: "Political".

He begins by adding 3 Action Cards. He is already holding 1, "Rare Mineral". The 3 new Action Cards are:

He also gets 1 Command Counter which he places in his Command Pool.

Steve draws the top card from the Political Card deck and places it face-up in the common player area then reads it aloud. It reads as follows:

Core Stability (LAW)
For: During each Status Phase, Action Cards are drawn and placed face-up on the table. Players choose their cards in order of unexhausted influence from highest to lowest.
Against: No Action cards are drawn this round.

The players must either vote for or against this proposed law. Voting is accomplished by using the "Influence" of the unexhausted planets for each player.

Steve has 3 unexhausted planets left, providing a total of 4 Influence points. His total combined influence (from all his planets) is 7, but only 4 are available for this vote.

Melissa has 6 unexhausted planets with a total of 10 influence points. Her total combined influence (from all her planets) is 13, but only 10 are available for this vote.

Nicholas has 1 unexhausted planet remaining. It contributes 3 influence points. He also has the Speaker Token. His planets are capable of producing 8 influence points when not exhausted.

Voting proceeds clockwise beginning with the player seated to the left of the player having the Speaker Token. The Speaker will vote last and can break any tie. Votes are the total unexhausted influence points each player has. Casting a vote either for or against the proposed law does not cause the planets to exhaust. Voting begins with Steve.

Steve casts his influence of 4 votes against the proposed law.

Melissa has the most likely chance to always be the majority influence if this law becomes permanent so it has potential advantages for her. She casts her influence of 10 votes for the proposed law.

Nicholas casts his 3 votes against the proposed law.

Proposed law votes
10 7

The proposal passes and becomes a permanent law for the remainder of the game.

Now that the agenda has been resolved, Steve completes the Primary Ability of the "Political" Strategy Card. He pulls the next three cards from the top of the Political Card Deck and reads them secretly.

Steve decides that "Mass Mobilization" looks the most promising and places it face-down on the top of the Political Card Deck. The others are placed face down on the bottom.

In clockwise order following Steve, the other players may play the Secondary Ability of Strategy Card.

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