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Action Phase

Nicholas has 3 planets capable of producing up to 8 resources.

He also has 10 Trade Goods which can be used as either Resource or Influence.

Since he has the "Initiative" Strategy Card he also does not have to play the 1 Command Counter from his Strategy Allocation to perform this action.

Nicholas also has the unexhausted planet, "Rarron", which has a Green Technology Specialy. The unexhausted planet "Lor" has a Red technology Specialty.

A Technology Specialty allows the player to purchase technology of that specific color, during a Secondary Ability of the "Technology" Strategy Card, for a discount of 1 resource. Additional Technology Specialties of one color can be added together for a larger discount.

Nicholas has the ability to purchase a technology upgrade this step for 8 resources. If he purchases a green or red technology card it will cost 7 resources.

He adds the Neural Motivator technology card and exhausts "0.0.0" and "Sakulag".

Steve may also play the Secondary Ability of the "Technology" Strategy Card.

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