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Status Phase

Receive new Command Counters and Re-Distribute

Each player receives 2 new Command Counters. The player can place them anywhere on their Race Sheet divided up between the regions for Strategy Allocation, Fleet Supply, and Command Pool.

At this time the player can also move around and re-distribute the Command Counters between these 3 regions on their Race Sheet. It is important that the players do not reduce the Command Counters in the Fleet Supply below the number of ships they have in any one system. Ships in a system that exceed this count must be removed from the board.

The players distributed their Command Counters, including the 2 new ones. Here is the distribution of Command Counters and Action Cards at the end of the 1st round for these 3 players.
Action Cards are hidden information in a real game but shown here for the tutorial.

Ending Round 1, Command Counters and Action Cards
Sardakk N'orr The Yssaril Tribes The L1z1x Mindnet
Steve Melissa Nicholas
Rare Mineral
Morale Boost

All Strategy Cards are returned to the common play area and any idle cards are flipped back over to their active side.

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