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Status Phase

Refresh Planets

Each player flips any exhausted planets back over, ready for use in the next turn.

Receive Action Cards

Beginning with the player having the Speaker Token, each player draws 1 Action Card and examines it without revealing it. There is a hand limit of 7 Action Cards per player. This will be the first time everyone has drawn an Action Card.

The Yssaril Tribes have a special Race ability that allows them to draw 2 Action Cards. They are also not bound by any limit for Action Cards held.

Melissa goes first and draws 2 Action Cards. She draws "Morale Boost" and "Discredit".

"Morale Boost". For 1 round, when she plays it, all of her units receive +1 on all combat rolls.

"Discredit". This card allows Melissa to interefere with another player's votes when we play Political Cards. She can use this card to cause another player's vote to count as "abstain".

Nicholas draws "Disclosure". This Action Card allows Nicholas to examine another player's Action Cards and take 1 of his own choosing.

Steve draws "Rare Mineral". Having this card allows Steve to gain 3 Trade Goods one time whenever he invades a neutral planet and plays this card.

Continue Status Phase.

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