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Action Phase

Sardakk N'orr has 2 Trade Agreements to offer, worth 1 and 2 Trade Goods each.

The Yssaril Tribes have 2 Trade Agreements to offer, worth 1 and 2 Trade Goods each.

The L1Z1X Mindnet have 2 identical Trade Agreements to offer, both valued at 1 Trade Good.

Both the Yssaril and N'orr could reach a Trade Agreement easily, but The L1Z1X has to approve it. And Nicholas is no dummy; he would not get offered the best trade by default.

Nicholas makes it known that he wants a "bribe" from both the other 2 players before he lets them establish a Trade Agreement with each other. None of the other players have Trade Goods to offer as bribe payment. If any sort of agreement is reached Nicholas will have to accept a verbal promise from each of them.

Both Sardakk N'orr and The Yssaril Tribes promise to give 1 Trade Good to The L1Z1X Mindnet as soon as they get it.

After Trade Agreement cards are swapped around between the players, and Nicholas approves them, he flips the Strategy Card over to inactive and leaves it in his player area.

Ordinarily players would be given an opportunity to perform the Secondary Ability of the Selected Strategy Card, however players cannot receive Trade Goods for agreements made in the same turn. So the Secondary Ability for this Strategy Card, for this turn in the game, is not played.

Game play resumes with Steve's turn.

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