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Action Phase

Melissa has a technology (XRD Transporters) that allows her Carriers to move 2 spaces instead of the standard 1 space. One of the nearby systems looks very attractive and it's 2 spaces away.

She takes 1 of the 2 remaining Command Counters from her Command Pool and places it to activate the system containing the planets "Coorneeq" and "Resculon". Taking along 2 Ground Force units, a Fighter and a PDS from her Home System, she goes through the process of adding 2 nuetral planets to her arsenal.

Since she picked up her Ground Force unit from the planet Retillion in her Home System, she adds a flag showing that she still owns that planet.

Notice that the Home System has not been activated yet. If it had, she would not have been able to remove her Carrier from the Home System since ships cannot leave an activated system.

The 2 new planets "Coorneeq" and "Resculon" are added to her player area.

Proceed to Nicholas's second move.

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