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Action Phase

Steve is the last player in rotation because of the Strategy Cards he selected. Let's review his Secret Objective and special Race abilities.

Steve's Secret Objective is "Master of Ships". To succeed in achieving this Secret Objective he needs to have control over Mecatol Rex. He also needs to have built a Space Dock at Mecatol Rex and have a minimum of 8 non-Fighter ships located there as well.

The "Sardakk N'Orr" have one special Race abilities of:

  • Dice advantages during Combat

Steve selected the "Warfare" and "Imperial" Strategy Cards. The "Warfare" Strategy grants him the ability to move a fleet twice. The "Imperial" Strategy grants 2 automatic Victory Points.

He decides to expand his empire by advancing into a nearby system. He activates a system, advances a Carrier with 2 Ground Forces, and captures 2 new planets.

The 2 new planets are added to his player area.

Until everyone has "passed", the game proceeds along the strategy card ordering as described before.

Proceed to the next player, Melissa.

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