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Action Phase

Nicholas is up next because of the order dictated on the chosen Strategy Cards. He begins by also reviewing his Secret Objective and special Race abilities.

His Secret Objective is "Industrial". To qualify for this objective he must have control of Mecatol Rex, and have built all 3 of his Space Docks somewhere on the gameboard. He must also have all 5 of his Dreadnoughts on the board.

The special Race abilities for "The L1Z1X Mindnet" are:

  • The base cost of building Dreadnoughts it 4
  • Dreadnoughts and Ground Forces receive dice advantages
  • Begin with 1 extra Command Counter in the Strategic Allocation

Nicholas selected the "Trade" and "Technology" Strategy Cards. The "Trade" Strategy grants him 3 free Trade Goods, as well as allows him to control whether trading goes on in this turn. The "Technology" Strategy will give him one free technology upgrade.

He already has a good head start on Technology, having begun with "Enviro Compensator", "Stasis Capsules", "Cybernetics" and "Hylar V Assualt Laser".

He decides to activate a system and conquer two Neutral Planets with 1 Carrier and 2 Ground Forces. The Carrier has capacity for 6 items so he also brings along a Planetary Defense System (PDS) - which he does not deploy - and several Fighters.

The 2 new planets are added to his player area.

Proceed to the next player, Steve.

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