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Action Phase

Melissa goes first in the Action Phase. She begins by reviewing her Secret Objective and her special Race abilities.

Her Secret Objective is "Keeper of Gates". To accomplish this she will need 1 ship (non-Fighter) in every worm-hole system. There are 3 worm-hole systems, but only 2 are real. The unmatched "A" wormhole is treated like an empty system tile. Melissa needs to control 2 Wormhole systems. Because of some errors in tile placement during board setup, they are pretty far away from her Home System. That does present a challenge for her.

The special Race abilities for the Yssaril Tribes are:

  • You are allowed to skip your action turn during the Action Phase
  • You draw on additional Action Card during every Status Phase
  • Once during every Strategy Phase, you may look at one other players' hand of Action Cards

Melissa also selected the "Initiative" and "Logistics" Strategy Cards. The "Initiative" Strategy allows her to execute secondary Strategy actions at no Command Counter cost. The "Logistics" Strategy provides for extra Command Counters this turn.

Because of her starting technology "XRD Transporters" and because she has 2 Carriers, she can quickly expand into multiple systems to add planets.

She decides to activate a nearby system and move a Carrier with some Ground Forces to capture some neutral planets. Because this is the first action in the game, we'll describe each step.

The sequence of steps in the Tactical Action are described on your Race Sheet for reference. They are as follows:

  1. Activate system
  2. Move into system
  3. Check for PDS fire
  4. Resolve space battles
  5. Conduct planetary landings
  6. Perform invasion combat
  7. Production

Begin by taking 1 Command Counter from the Command Pool.

Place it into the System you want to activate.

Move one of the Carriers into the activated system. Assume the Carrier brings along 1 Fighter and 3 Ground Forces. This is safe because the Carrier has capacity for 6 units.

There are no Planetary Defense Systems close enough to matter, so that portion of the Tactical Action sequence can be ignored. There were no enemy spaceships already present in the activated system, so there are no space battles to resolve. Likewise, this is a Neutral Planet, so planetary invasion will proceed without incident.

Ground Forces are distributed onto both Nuetral Planets and they now become part of the collection of planets belonging to the Yssaril Tribes. The player adds the two planets by taking the Planet Cards and placing them in the player area. Since they were just conquered, they are turned over to show that they are exhausted.

After the Ground Force unit was removed from the Home System Planet Shalloq, there's no apparent ownership of that planet. Obviously the planet is still owned by the Yssaril (Melissa), but for completeness, she places one of her flags on the planet to indicate ownership when the planet no longer has any pieces on it.

That's the end of this player's turn. Melissa still has 2 Command Counters remaining in her Command Pool and has not executed either of her Strategic Actions yet (she has 2 cards).

Proceed to Nicholas's turn.

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