Edit History
Date Description
01/24/2011 Added a note to explain that the player incorrectly built at a Space Dock in the same round it was also built. Round 4, Page 17.
10/27/2009 Added a note to explain that I had made an error when playing an Action Card. Round 5, Page 18.
08/14/2009 Updated the link on the main page for the review.
12/29/2008 Adjusted the links on the main page which point to the available rules PDFs.
12/29/2008 Minor correct to title of section.
08/14/2008 Added a note about an error made by a player that was not "caught". See Note.
01/17/2007 Wording was incorrect for round 6 during Action Phase.
12/13/2006 Fixed a few typos.
11/25/2006 Spelling error corrections and minor edits of Action Card reference documents.
11/20/2006 Spelling fixes and adjusted the Yellow Player and Purple Player background colors to render truer on some web browsers.
11/01/2006 Added note about "Strategic Shift" Action Card in game setup section. Also added some Game Speed-Up Tips .
10/31/2006 Added tab in "Home" section that takes user back to initial main page for tutorial(s).
10/28/2006 Corrected play error in Round 5.
Made some minor updates to the main tutorial page and a few grammar errors were corrected in rest of site. There is an error in Round 5 that I need to correct. It does not impact the final outcome of the game, but since this is supposed to be a tutorial I'll find a way to either annotate the error or fix it in a future update.
10/27/2006 Corrected a production bug during Steve's turn in Round 6. The new units should have been placed on the planet containing the Space Dock.
10/26/2006 Modified order of list contents on Topics page. Added links to more Action Cards when they are described. Fixed other html rendering errors and page cosmetics as I found them in review.
Added Political Cards reference documents.
10/22/2006 Added die pictures to tutorial images database and began to use them at various dice roll events in the game. See Round 5, page 10 for an example.
10/21/2006 Completed Round 6, and ended the game. Except for tweaks and bug fixes, the tutorial is complete. Actually, I do intend to add the Political Cards as a reference in the future. I also went back and removed the links to the 2-player variant. When I get that one done I'll add a link back in.
10/20/2006 Added index for all Action Cards. Added a page to discuss the breaking of Trade Agreements between players with open war. Corrected a problem where Nicholas built at a Space Dock that was previously created in the same round in Round 5.
10/19/2006 Completed the integration of the new navigation scheme into all existing pages. Need to go back and correct some more mistakes and oversights.
10/17/2006 Added new paging feature for forward and backwards navigation. Still have to complete the edits for the html pages in the rounds.
10/16/2006 Fixed a problem with production discount for Nicholas in round 2. I missed that he had "Sarween Tools". This impacted the text and graphics for pages 18 and 22 in Round 2.
Fixed another problem. I had the comment about the typo for Sardakk N'Orr exactly backwards. I also forgot to correct for this in Steve's combat roll for the Cruisers.
Had another problem where I forgot to have Nicholas take 2 Action Cards from Steve for playing "Successful Spy" in round 5, page 16. This impacted a number of later pages that had to be edited to reflect that Nicholas took, and discarded, the "Cultural Crisis" Action Card from Steve.
10/15/2006 Added reference documents for all known Action Cards. Included links in several places, but more exist and need to be included. For an example see This Action Card
10/14/2006 Completed Round 5.
10/12/2006 Did a careful review of several earlier pages in the tutorial and fixed a number of places that had incorrect graphics or text.
10/10/2006 Brought Round 5 up to the point of the first space battle about to begin.
10/09/2006 Corrected some problems with how the Yellow player was scoring. I had interpreted "control" of a planet as altogether different from "own" a planet. The player Steve was given a point for having control of Mecatol Rex in the Status Phase of Round 3. This was incorrect. He had 3 Cruisers there but no Ground Forces have ever landed there. You could say he controlled the System but not the Planet.
Begin work on Round 05. Revised page structures beginning with Round 05 pages. Added initial "Topics" links.
10/08/2006 Third update for 10/08. Completed round 4.
Second update for 10/08. Completed deployment of new menu scheme. Now focusing on getting a fix into round 3 and then resuming round 4.
Major change in look and feel of site. Began inclusion of new tabbed page structures, beginning with replacement of older CSS for new tabs having sub-menus.
09/24/2006 Updated with all feedback about errors. Thanks to the reviewers.
10/07/2006 Initial tutorial release.