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We're going to follow along as 3 people play the board game Twilight Imperium III. The players are Steve, Melissa and Nicholas. Since our purpose here is to teach, as much as possible the individual steps will be described with text and often with pictures.

When game variants or other options are considered they will be identified. Options will be made available with links to pages that run those portions of the game. You will always find an example that plays with out-of-the-box rules if there are variants.

Sections pertinent to a specific player in this game will be clearly identified by unique text.

This is sample text for the player Steve.

This is sample text for the player Melissa.

This is the sample text for Nicholas.

A note about navigation: At the bottom of every page in the tutorial there will be a link to the next page. There are also forward/backward links in the 4 corners. In situations where you have to make a choice going forward, no corner link is provided.

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