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Political Strategy Card

  1. When a player activates the Political Strategy Card, he draws three cards from the top of the Political Deck and secretly reads them. After reviewing the cards he "sets the Agenda" by putting them in any order he wants. He then reads all three cards aloud in voting order. It's important that the players know about all three items on the agenda and the order they will be voted upon before the first vote. Once the agenda is set, the order of cards cannot change.
  2. Each player counts up the total unexhausted available influence points they have available. Each player should collect counters for each influence vote. Use any extra cardboard chits you want.
  3. The players then secretly place a number of their vote counters in their fist and when the vote roll call for the first agenda item is announced, drops them on the table in a clear area. The majority of votes decide. In case of a tie, the player having the Speaker Token gets to decide the vote. A player may abstain from the vote by not including any vote counters in their fist. An abstained vote counts as zero. If both players spend no vote tokens the player having the Speaker Token still breaks the "tie" since that's a zero-to-zero vote.
  4. Bribes and trades are permitted before each vote.
  5. With those vote counters consumed, the player reads the next item on the agenda and the players vote on it by putting vote counters from the remaining influence points in their fist.
  6. This process continues until all three items on the agenda are resolved.
  7. The active player then reviews the top four cards from the Political Deck and places three on top for the next agenda. The fourth card is placed on the bottom of the deck.

Status Phase

The following changes are required in the Status Phase.

Space Battles and Planetary Invasions

When a player wins a Space Battle he gains 1 Trade Good.

When a player successfully invades a Planet he gains a Trade Good. Neutral planets count for a Trade Good too.

Changes to Race Special Abilities

Since the 2-player game has no provision for trade Agreements, and in fact the Trade Strategy Card does little other than give the active player free Trade Goods, a few adjustments are required for Races and Action Cards.

The Emirates of Hacan

The Emirates of Hacan are a Trade-focused race. Without Trade Agreements in play for the 2-player game they lose special abiliity. To compensate, the following suggested change is made if a player uses The Emirates of Hacan.

The Mentak Coalition

There's a Trade Goods related feature to the Special Abilities for this Race. It should be adjusted to account for this being a 2-player game.

The Special Abilities should be changed so that the player 1 Trade Good from the other player and only if they have at least 3 Trade Goods in their inventory.

Remove some Action Cards

As Action Cards are drawn the players need to evaluate if the card has a trade specific component to it's action to make it work. If it does the card should be shown to the other player, discarded, and a new one drawn.

Here's a list of Action Cards that are recommended be removed from the game if you want to catch more of these cards "up front" before the game begins.

Changes to Action Cards

Some Action Cards have different behavior in the 2-player game. Obvious changes include where the card may say to select an opponent and that of course just translates to your only opponent. These cards are some that are modified.

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