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Rules for a 2-Player Game

These rules are based on a 2-player game suggestion by Roland Wood posted on Board Game Geek on 7/26/2006. Here's the link to his original post.

One of the key areas of change is in the use of the Strategy Cards. The "Initiative" Strategy Card is no longer used. A few other Strategy Cards have modified behavior. The Political Strategy Card is performed differently and borrows ideas from one of my other favorite games - Warrior Knights.


The following steps should be followed in setting up the game.

Strategy Phase

Beginning with the player having the Speaker Token, each player chooses a Strategy Card, alternating between players until each player has 2 cards. The remaining 3 Strategy Cards will have Bonus Tokens added.

Player order is determined in the standard manner, alternating between the two players, beginning with the player having the lowest numbered Strategy Card.

Continue on for a review of Strategy Cards changes and other rules changes.

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