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Final Setup for Nicholas (Player 2)

The Barony of Letnev begins with following starting units:

  • 1 Space Dock
  • 1 Dreadnought
  • 1 Destroyer
  • 1 Carrier
  • 3 Ground Forces

They also begin with the following Starting Technology:

  • Hylar V Assault Laser
  • Antimass Deflectors

The starting units were deployed as shown.

Nicholas has more than one planet in his Home System. This has bearing on where he places the Space Dock since the planets are not identical. The planet "Arc Prime" has a resource output rating of 4. The planet "Wren Terra" has a resource output rating of 2. A Space Dock can produce as many units as 2 + the resource rating of the planet it orbits.

The technology cards were placed face-up in the player area.

Nicholas completes the review and setup by reading aloud the Special Abilities for his Race.

That special race ability of having an extra ship over the Fleet Limit is pretty handy.

Proceed to final setup for both players.

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