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Final Setup for Steve (Player 1)

The Mentak Coalition begins with the following starting units:

  • 1 Carrier
  • 3 Cruisers
  • 1 Space Dock
  • 1 PDS
  • 4 Ground Forces

They also begin with the following Starting Technology:

  • Hylar V Assualt Laser
  • Enviro Compensator

The starting units were deployed to the Home System as shown.

The technology cards are placed face-up in the player area.

Steve completes the review and setup by reading aloud the Special Abilities for his Race.

Beginning the game with an extra counter in the Fleet Supply is pretty nice. In fact you can see Steve begins the game with 4 ships in his Home Systems instead of the usual count of 3.

The Mentak Coalition special abilities are modified for the 2-player game. Steve gets to take 1 Trade Good from Nicholas during the Strategy Phase and only if Nicholas has 3 or more.

Proceed to a review of Nicholas' setup.

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