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Final Setup Steps

There are only 3 wormholes on the game board. The "B" wormholes are connected to each other but the "A" wormhole has no match. In this case, the "A" worm-hole is treated like an empty system tile. The B-wormholes don't provide much advantage in this game board since they are adjacent.

The two player's Home Systems are much closer to each other than in a non-2 player game. And, perhaps just as important, Mecatol Rex is 2 spaces away for both players. Now with the placement of the Asteroid Field and Nebula, direct access to Mecatol Rex will present a few challenges. However, the Asteroid Field challenge is easily overcome with a technology advantage. The Nebula is not as easy to transit and will present a problem for Steve.

The Asteroid Field is governed by the following rules. A player's ships may not move through an Asteroid Field unless that player has Anti-Mass technology. If the player does have the Anti-Mass technology they can move through an Asteroid Field but never end a turn inside the Asteroid Field. Also, and Asteroid Field can never be activated.

The Nebula is governed by the following rules. Ships can never move through a Nebula. However ships can move into a Nebula if the system is activated. Ships leaving a Nebula has movement reduced to 1 (regardless of technology modifiers or Action Cards). A fleet defending in a Nebula gains 1 on combat rolls.

Now that we have a game board, the individual players need to complete their setup. Each player should examine their Race Sheet and collect the Starting Units and place them on their Home System tile. They will also need to collect their starting Technology cards, also described on their Race Sheet.

Let's look at both player's setup individually, beginning with Steve.

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