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Strategy Phase

Steve reviews his current situation to see what he must do this turn before choosing Strategy Cards.

He's pretty far behind Nicholas and Nicholas is also close to 10 points and winning.

Of these Secret Objectives, the only ones worth focusing on this late in the game are the 2-point ones. The "Technocrat" objective may be possible. Steve already has 4 planets with technology specialties and Nicholas has some unguarded planets that could be taken to score this.

Of the Public Objectives, this one would give 2 points and may also be achievable this round. Is there a way to get 12 Trade Goods?

He already has 3 so would need 9 more.

There's 1 Bonus Token each on 3 of the Strategy Cards.

Unfortunately the Trade Strategy Card, which yeilds 3 Trade Goods, does not have a Bonus Token on it. Steve would have to take the Trade Strategy for 3 more and then one of the Strategy Cards with a bonus token to get 1 more. That would make a total of 7. He would need 5 more somehow. Even bartering with Nicholas would probably not give him 5 Trade Goods.

That plan doesn't work if he wants to close the score gap this round. Probably going after Mecatol Rex, and removing Nicholas from there will be the only way out.

Continue on to selection of Strategy Cards. Steve goes first.

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