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Action Phase

The Battle Round

1. Announce withdrawls/retreats

Nicholas, the attacker, announces he will not withdraw. Steve, the defender, declares he will not retreat.

2. Roll combat dice

Nicholas' Race has a special ability that modify combat dice if he chooses to spend 2 Trade Goods. He has 4 Trade Goods this time so he spends 2 to use the special Race Ability. That special ability is described on his Race Sheet.

Both players simultaneously roll one 10-sided combat dice (the zero means 10 on the die) for every one of their ships involved in the battle.

A War Sun actually rolls 3 dice in each battle.

Steve has 1 War Sun, 1 Carrier and 6 Fighters. He does not get any effects from technology cards.

Unit Qty. Battle Special
War Sun 1 3 (x3) Can Sustain Damage
Carrier 1 9
Fighter 6 9

Nicholas has 2 Dreadnoughts and a Carrier in the system. The Battle values are all adjusted by 1 because of the special Race Ability in effect for this Combat Round. He gains no special effects from technology cards.

Unit Qty. Battle Special
Dreadnought 2 4 Can Sustain Damage.
Carrier 1 8 The Carrier has no support Fighters.

Although the battles are considered simultaneous, as a practical matter someone usually rolls first. The players agree that Steve, the attacker, rolls first.

Steve will roll for his War Sun first. He rolls 3 dice. A 3 or higher is a hit.

Steve rolled a 7, 4 and 9. All hits. Steve scored 3 hits. He now rolls 6 dice for the 6 Fighters. 1 Die per Fighter. They need to get an 9 or higher to hit.

He rolls a 5, 8, 5, 9, 3 and 2. Steve scores 1 more hit. He needs to roll 1 more Die for the Carrier. The Carrier also hits on 9 or higher.

The Carrier misses. Steve scores a total of 4 hits against Nicholas' fleet.

Nicholas is next. He will roll 2 Dice for his Dreadnoughts and then 1 Die for his Carrier.

His Dreadnoughts score on both dice for 2 hits. Next he rolls for the Carrier.

The Carrier missed.

3. Remove Casualties

Steve must take 2 hits and Nicholas must take 4 hits. The defender always chooses which ships take the hits.

Steve takes his 2 hits against his fleet by destroying 2 Fighters.

Nicholas has to take 4 hits. One of the Dreadnoughts has already taken a hit. 1 more hit destroyed that Dreadnought. 2 more hits destroy the other one. 1 final hit destroys the Carrier. The 2 Ground Force units remain and are still on the planets.

Steve collects 1 Trade Good for the successful Space Battle. He now sets about on a Planetary Invasion.

4. Execute Withdrawls/Retreats

The Space Battle ended with no ships remaining for Nicholas.

Conflict is not resolved here until the Planetary Invasion is completed.

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